I am an artist and amateur photographer from Scotland. I work in a variety of media and don't have a set style of work, as you will see, because I find inspiration everywhere. I am currently producing and selling a number of products using my back-catalogue of work and introducing new pieces on a regular basis. My products include: posters, t-shirts, greetings cards, If you are interested in any of the products, please click on the corresponding photograph and you will be taken straight to the product page or visit the store to view all current products.

Pastel Study, Nude

This is another of my figure studies, partially nude, yet again it is very modest. It took me a long time to get around to doing any work in soft pastels, whilst they are a wonderful medium to create with I often find that somewhere along the line I manage to smudge the piece before it is completed. I've tried several different fixatives, including some high-end ones and have never managed to get it quite right. Either the fixative diminishes the colour intensity of the pastels, or on the odd (and very frustrating occassion) has propelled a blob of 'goo' onto the paper spoiling the whole project. I'm usually very careful with the fixative and make sure the nozzle is clean before starting, shake the can until it feels as though my arm is going to fall off, but sometimes, even then, these things happen.

With this piece, in contrast to some of the other nude studies I have done, I wanted a soft, almost romantic feel and so pastels seemed the obvious choice. Although I didn't realise it at the time of drawing this picture, I find that I really like how the shoulder blades give the impression of being light and dark wings - if you use your imagination, lol.

Some fellow artists whom I admire.

I wanted to take a break from posting only my own work, it gets very difficult to keep on saying positive things about myself and my art (the perfectionist in me always wants to criticise!), so I decided that today I would feature some work from other wonderful artists that I have come across.

Remus Brailoiu is a young artist based in Romania. His gallery on zazzle features surreal and abstract work which I find very appealing. I love this piece "Drunk Street Lamps" as I find it very evocative. It is reminiscent of Salvador Dali's work yet to me, far more whimsical as it seems to leave more up to the viewer's own imagination. I feel that I could write a short story based solely on inspiration from this painting.
Drunk Street Lamps print
Drunk Street Lamps by RemusCB
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Ruth Housley is an American artist living in Texas. She works in oils and has a number of amazingly beautiful wildlife and still life paintings on her blog. This Piece, Geese Flying North, is soft and tranquil. I find myself drawn into this painting, imagine myself walking through the snow, enjoying all that nature has to offer on a bright and crisp winter's day. You can view Ruth's blog or contact her by email: rjrhousley@verizon.net to purchase her artwork.

Geese Flying North by Ruth Housely

Nude in Blue

This is an acrylic on canvas study. I love doing tonal pieces, usually in pencil sketches/charcoal/pastels but on this occassion I chose acrlyics as the medium as I wanted something bold. I'm fascinated by the way the human body can contort itself, the shapes it forms and the shadows is casts. For that reason I do a fair number of "nude" studies. I use the quotes around the word nude because most of my pieces are very modest even when the subject is completely unclothed.

Another Gerbera Daisy.....and something a little different.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've really come to love the cheerful gerbera daisy (how wonderful would it be to have a garden full of these pretty blooms?). I had taken some photographs of some last year and went back to those as a reference for this bright cerise pink painting. I reverted to adding lots of detail to this piece, ah well, lol.
Bright Pink Gerbera postcard

After that I went on to do something quick and goofy, just for a change of pace, and came up with a goofy little caveman. I thought he'd make a funny t-shirt design, so here he is:

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