I am an artist and amateur photographer from Scotland. I work in a variety of media and don't have a set style of work, as you will see, because I find inspiration everywhere. I am currently producing and selling a number of products using my back-catalogue of work and introducing new pieces on a regular basis. My products include: posters, t-shirts, greetings cards, If you are interested in any of the products, please click on the corresponding photograph and you will be taken straight to the product page or visit the store to view all current products.

Art Nouveau Roses

I've always been a fan of art nouveau, especially the work of Charles Rennie MacIntosh and his wife Margaret McDonald. I created a range of MacIntosh inspired designs specifically for products on zazzle, this is one of them.

Gerbera Daisy

I bought a graphics tablet to use for my digital art projects and began playing around in the free software that came with it; trying out brushes and doodling. After about half an hour of getting used to the pen I began 'painting' this daisy that was in a bouqet I had. After a few hours working on it, this is the end result.

Droplets Suspended

After a light rain one morning I went outside with my camera looking for something inspiring in the garden beyond the usual flower and foliage shots. I noticed these rain droplets suspended above the stones on the finest of spider's webs, so fine they were almost invisible even close up. I took this shot and converted it to black and white for maximum effect. I love how it appears that the droplets are suspended in mid-air.

Pop Art

I started out with just one of these watercolor paintings for my own amusement, and enjoyed the subject so much that I created another two. The fourth image in the set is a digital manipulation of one of the original paintings. It's available as a poster and two versions as t-shirts.

Dark Woods

This is a simple pastels drawing of dark and eerie woods in moonlight. This was one of those rare occassions when I had nothing in mind when I begans puting the marks onto the paper, I just went with what began to appear and developed it. It's available as posters, mousepads and t-shirts at present.

That Friday Feeling!!!!

Slightly stuck for inspiration one rainy afternoon I decided to play around with my camera and one of my wooden artists mannequins, this was the result. I have plans to do more pieces like this but haven't managed to find the time so far.


This is an acrylic on canvas piece, part of a set of three. Taking a break from finely detailed work, I decided to something modern and abstract. I was reasonably happy with the results but being a perfectionist I will never be 100% satisfied with anything that I do.

seated print

I wanted to update this post with the new version of this set that I added to zazzle recently:

White Tiger Cub

This began life as a preliminary sketch for a comissioned piece in color pastels featuring two tiger cubs however I liked this one so much in black and white that I went ahead and completed it in charcoal.

le Chat

This was one of my early digital art designs. Vector swirls in shades of pink manipulated to form the shape of a cat. Depicted here as a simple greetings card.


I created a series of characters depicting the signs of the zodiac. Some, like this one, are children whilst others are animals. It was my first foray into using digital media for my designs and my previous experience had extended only to touching up the odd photograph. I deliberately kept the designs simple and childlike simply because I thought it looked rather cute. This is Sagittarius depicted on a ladies T-shirt.


Another of my zodiac designs, this time on a mouse pad.

The Harbour Wall

I loved the textures and colors on this weathered wall, and the rusted chain for tethering the boats. This is a mixed media piece on canvas featuring oils, acrylics, pastels and a number of methods for recreating the textures.

Back To You

This is a pencil drawing of a semi nude woman crouching. I love tonal work and textures so this was a really fun piece for me to create.I really enjoyed puting all of the detail into the denim fabric; the seams, stiches and folds.

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