I am an artist and amateur photographer from Scotland. I work in a variety of media and don't have a set style of work, as you will see, because I find inspiration everywhere. I am currently producing and selling a number of products using my back-catalogue of work and introducing new pieces on a regular basis. My products include: posters, t-shirts, greetings cards, If you are interested in any of the products, please click on the corresponding photograph and you will be taken straight to the product page or visit the store to view all current products.

A recent Pony design I can't use (yet)

Recently I have been spending so much time on marketing that I haven't really created very much at all. I did create a cute pink pony for the Animatastic range but when completed I realised it bore a striking resemblance to the 'My Little Pony' products. After all the work creating it I really didn't want to simply abandon it so I contacted Hasbro, the makers of 'My Little Pony' and am currently waiting and hoping to hear back from them on whether or not they would consider the design to be copyright infringement.

While it does look a lot like the MLP that I had as a child, it was genuinely a coincidence that it turned out that way. When I had that thought I immediately googled MLP to compare and can see a few little differences. Firstly, my design has a shaded muzzle - woohoo, big deal huh? lol. Then there is the shape of the legs; the MLP legs don't taper as a real animal's would, instead they get broader all the way down. Finally, the MLPs don't have hooves wheres my design does. Having said that, I am holding off on using the design for now. Hopefully Hasbro will respond soon.


  1. Good Luck! I hope they give you permission...it is just so cute!

  2. Thank you - I got the go-ahead from their UK legal department first thing this morning so have been busy creating products most of the day, lol.


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