I am an artist and amateur photographer from Scotland. I work in a variety of media and don't have a set style of work, as you will see, because I find inspiration everywhere. I am currently producing and selling a number of products using my back-catalogue of work and introducing new pieces on a regular basis. My products include: posters, t-shirts, greetings cards, If you are interested in any of the products, please click on the corresponding photograph and you will be taken straight to the product page or visit the store to view all current products.

Update on featured designs

I have been meaning to do another post on the Art Nouveau work I have been doing, but have gotten so busy with other things that I haven't had a chance. Just thought I would quickly add this update in the meantime:

my Male Cardinal painting from a few posts ago has received the honour of being featured on the Awsome Zazzler's Gallery. It was a huge surprise to me as I went to the page to say 'thank you' for them featuring Parker the Pig from my Animatastic store, and there was my Cardinal too! And on the same day I discover that zazzle has selected my cheeky 'Menopause Chick' T-shirt for the Funny T-Shirts landing page - that makes two of my designs in the funnies!

I feel very honoured indeed to be featured on these pages amongst some incredibly talented artists and designers.


  1. Congrats to you!! If I'm not already a 'fan'...I'll be sure to scurry over there and 'fan' your shops!!

  2. lol, I was thinking the same thing about you. I have your zazzle store open in another window right now, but am logged in as Animatastic so was going to wait until I was 'ArtformTheHeart' so that you might recognise me.


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