I am an artist and amateur photographer from Scotland. I work in a variety of media and don't have a set style of work, as you will see, because I find inspiration everywhere. I am currently producing and selling a number of products using my back-catalogue of work and introducing new pieces on a regular basis. My products include: posters, t-shirts, greetings cards, If you are interested in any of the products, please click on the corresponding photograph and you will be taken straight to the product page or visit the store to view all current products.

Flower & Butterfly

This is my second 'painting' in Artweaver using the graphics tablet and pen. I was getting along really well with it and was several hours into the project when Artweaver crashed and I realised that very stupidly I hadn't saved it in a LONG time. I had put so much detail into the centre part of the flower and lost all of that work so I learnt a valuable lesson - save your work often! I have also learnt to save my work as a photoshop file with all layers at various stages incase I merge layers and later down the line change my mind on something I have done. Keeping all of my layers came in handy when doing my cartoon character Starsign designs previously as it meant I could use the same character over and over - I event used it to make some funny Bride and Groom designs. It certainly made me think that digital artwork is a big benefit when designing for POD but I will never fully give up on traditional media.

1 comment:

  1. i love the work..and its an inspiration...
    honestly wish i was able to create what you can!


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